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Translators of Sumy State University developed relations with German colleagues

3rd and 4th year students of specialization "Translation" and a senior lecturer of the department of Germanic Philology Olena Popova made a trip to Germany by the program "Gruppenreise". 

The purpose of the trip was the acquaintance with the system of learning at German universities, promotion the deepening of professional knowledge and exchanging of experience teaching foreign languages. The program was implemented with the financial support of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). The plan of the trip included attending lectures and seminars, awareness and international communication with professors, teachers and university students of Berlin, Frankfurt (Oder), Dresden and Chemnitz. 


A special delight was provoked by excursions around above-mentioned cities, which was to get acquainted with the architecture and sculpture, and to visit museums: the Museum of Hygiene and Transport Museum in Dresden. Germany is famous not only for its clean and modern-equipped metropolitan areas, but also beautiful nature that the participants ascertained by visiting the national park Saxon Switzerland. Impressions after the trip were only positive, the main goal was accomplished – international contacts established, German universities are ready to accept Ukrainian students, who in turn are ready to learn consistently the language and to take part in various exchange programs.

Anastasiya Kysil, PR-42

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