In August 2019, the 41st Otto-Friedrich International Summer University in Bamberg gathered more than 70 participants from 21 countries. Among them – Otto-Friedrich University scholarship grant holders Olesia Yehorova, associate professor at the Department of Germanic Philology, and Alina Shynkarenko, student of group PR-62.
The leitmotif of the 41st International Summer University contained the topics of German literature and music; however, the offered curriculum also envisages courses of region studies, stylistics, methods of teaching German as a foreign language, grammar and vocabulary building courses, as well as courses for pleasure (theater, creative writing, choir, games, etc.) under the guidance of the university's senior students.

The cultural program offered many extracurricular activities, excursions (Bamberg, Nuremberg, Bayreuth, Schesslitz), meetings with experts and visits which enabled active interaction with the residents of Bamberg and the surrounding area and contributed to forming a more or less clear idea of both history and culture of the region.
Future translator Alina Shynkarenko shares her impressions: “Bamberg is an incredible city where I felt well from the very first moment. I expanded my scope of knowledge, got acquainted with the culture of Bavaria and made new friends from all over the world! I will try to apply the acquired knowledge in my course paper and bachelor's thesis”.
“Our participation in Summer University is another important stage of cooperation between SSU and Otto-Friedrich University. We are grateful to the organizers, lecturers, tutors and a personal thanks to Dr. Andreas Weihe for giving us the opportunity to improve and deepen our professional skills and knowledge, to expand the boundaries of our intercultural competence, to get to know / meet again many nice people, to exchange experience and best practices, ” Olesia Yehorova commented.
Indeed, to the one who knocks, the door will be opened. A vast majority of calls for application for various academic mobility programs will be announced soon, so don’t be out of the swim and try your luck. Follow the news and announcements on our Telegram channel as well as in Google calendar to be found on the faculty website. Our students are the best, go for it!

Senior Lecturer, Department of Germanic Philology.
Vice Dean for International Relations
Alla Krasulia