In May students’ club of linguistic and cultural studies “Travel Office” under the guidance of Olena Nazarenko (lecturer of the department of Germanic philology) had unique opportunity to get students of translation specialty acquainted to Denmark.

The manager of Danish company Mäsegaard Olena Ushchapovska, who has been living and making successful career in Denmark for several years, told about features of this mysterious northern country.

The meeting took an hour and a half instead of the planned half an hour, but students were simply fascinated by new information, revealing Denmark in all its glory.

The most interesting topics were, by no means, education (it is challenging, but possible variant for Ukrainian students), cuisine (everyone was impressed by sweet herring and never ending sandwiches with multifarious ingredients), medical service (small plastic card, that replaces both certificate of insurance and outpatient chart, caused absolute excitement) and living standards in all (understanding, that every retiree can travel freely and enjoy the world).

To their classes students returned quite enlivened, discussing the secrets of this still mysterious Nordic country.

Mariia Klymenko, PR-61 student