In the 21st century, Internet has become the main information source. Millions of Internet users daily share current and general information, create new websites and content blocks, or try to let more users worldwide benefit from the existing ones. On these grounds, during May, the future translators from Group PR-71/1 were working on developing the free online encyclopedia – Wikipedia. In the context of studying the topic “Performing Arts”, the students were assigned to select relevant to the topic English-language articles and work out their Ukrainian versions.

Wikipedia is a popular multilingual online encyclopedia that offers free content. Thousands of volunteers from all over the world have been working on its development. That is why it is crucial for our students not only to be able to use this source and get the knowledge they need but also to know how to create and supplement the existing content.

One of the students, Yulia Kozlova, shared her new experience: “While working on the task, we were able to learn how the website works from within, to become authors and creators of something new and useful. We had a chance to apply our acquired translation skills and to develop some new competencies in organizing wiki-texts and front end web development”.

Associate professor Olesia Yehorova, the course teacher, believes that such challenges accelerate autonomous learning and promote blended learning. In addition, such educational outcomes have a real public utility since from now on, Ukrainian readers can learn more about C-pop and Boogaloo, the main peculiarities of indoor percussion ensemble, forms of juggling and stagecraft, the essence of the principle “lead and follow”, about performance poetry, freak show and Victorian burlesque. The students themselves have enjoyed the task addressed to both the development of their professional competencies and social utility, so, they are looking forward to new challenges.

Kristina Dreval, PR-71