In April, first-year students of specialization Translation who are going to try and participate  in academic mobility programs under the leadership of the lecturer of the department of Germanic philology Olena Nazarenko visited  Students’ club of  linguistic and cultural studies “Travel Office”. They were trained by the forth-year student, Anastasiia Korotun, who participated in more than 14 international exchange programs.

Nastia gladly shared her own experience, how to write motivational letters and fill out papers, how to withstand the failures and not be discouraged, how to choose and combine programmes in a smart way, which would make it possible to take part in several projects at the same time.

Anastasiia pointed out on her participation in the programs of Italy and Luxembourg, because the topics were very unusual. So in Luxembourg, Nastya studied street art, and its influence on ordinary people and the country in general. In Italy, she also studied ethnic unity. That allowed not only to expand the knowledge about the rights of people all over the world, but also to find a lot of friends from different countries. Inspired by such a lively story, the first-year students were eager to take part in international projects and return to the Travel Office already as experienced guests.

Anastasiia Kapustina, PR-71