On Saturday, April 13th the last class of this academic year School of European Languages guided by the lecturer of the department of Germanic philology Olena Nazarenko and seniour lecturer Antonina Chepeliuk   took place.

Everyone could have free classes of the English, Spanish and German languages. Junior students, high school students and even adults attended the school this year. 4th year students of the specialty Translation Tetiana Popova, Anastasiia Maiaka, Maksym Shyshkin, Karyna Melnykova and Michel Alarcón have conducted these courses. Each lesson was arranged with the help of modern technologies, interesting tasks in the form of a game and in informal atmosphere.

During the work of the school, visitors made new friends, discussed university and school life, learned many different new things. At the last class the most active students received diplomas about the successful completion of the Sumy State University School of European Languages.

We invite all people who want to study foreign languages to attend our school next academic year!

Larysa Dehtiarova,
senior lecturer of the Department of Germanic Philology