In the period 15–20, April SSU Congress-Center welcomed the germanists from Sumy and other regions of Ukraine coming to exchange their experience and best practices. The event was held in the form of an expert seminar funded by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). Carsten Grunwaldt, DAAD-Lecturer in Sumy, was both the organizer and moderator of the course. Olesia Yehorova, assistant professor at the Department of Germanic Philology, and Viktoria Zakusylo, teacher trainee at the Foreign Languages Department of ERI BT "UABS", attended the event as the representatives of Sumy State University.

In April, first-year students of specialization Translation who are going to try and participate  in academic mobility programs under the leadership of the lecturer of the department of Germanic philology Olena Nazarenko visited  Students’ club of  linguistic and cultural studies “Travel Office”. They were trained by the forth-year student, Anastasiia Korotun, who participated in more than 14 international exchange programs.

The Senior Lecturer of the Department of Germanic philology, Svetlana Ermolenko worked as a translator of the Ukrainian-German social project.

During the two weeks of April in Sumy, SES experts from Germany, Ursula Voyazhek-Klees and Peter Klees were on a working visit and shared experience in the framework of the project "Improvement of qualification of personnel for rehabilitation and social integration of children with psychosomatic disorders".

Students’ club of linguistic and cultural studies «Travel office» at Translation Training and Resource Center «LinguoStar» of the Department of Germanic Philology makes you a new appointment on April, 18th at the lecture room ET-411 at 11.10!

Let’s travel to Italy and Luxembourg! Honourable guest is Anastasiia Korotun, 4th year student of specialization Translation, European Student Think Tank Ambassador to Ukraine.

Every interested person can get a lot of free information concerning studying and travelling peculiarities, prominent places of the most popular and beautiful cities of Italy and Luxembourg.

On Saturday, April 13th the last class of this academic year School of European Languages guided by the lecturer of the department of Germanic philology Olena Nazarenko and seniour lecturer Antonina Chepeliuk   took place.

Everyone could have free classes of the English, Spanish and German languages. Junior students, high school students and even adults attended the school this year. 4th year students of the specialty Translation Tetiana Popova, Anastasiia Maiaka, Maksym Shyshkin, Karyna Melnykova and Michel Alarcón have conducted these courses. Each lesson was arranged with the help of modern technologies, interesting tasks in the form of a game and in informal atmosphere.

The Department of Germanic Philology was glad to welcome on April 11th the best students of Ukraine, who, in framework of participation in All-Ukrainian tour of young journalists, visited Sumy and SSU.

The applicants from Kamyanets-Podilsky, Mariupol, Sumy, Kyiv, Kharkiv and many other cities of Ukraine came to compete for the title of the best young journalist and choose a proper place to get higher education. Thus, a visit to Sumy State University and in particular to the Department of Germanic Philology caused many positive emotions. Students of high school were positively impressed with the offered opportunities and prospects for SSU students.

As a part of implementation of the European Union project Erasmus + direct Development of Higher Education Capacity / Jean Monet «European Indicators of Quality Educational Research for Empowering Ukrainian Educators», the methodical seminar on «Modern standards for presenting scientific achievements to international science-computer databases» was held on April 11, 2019. The event took place at the Department of Germanic Philology at the Faculty of Foreign Philology and Social Communications of Sumy State University.

Recently, the students of the academic group PR-71/1 have visited the Sumy Regional Museum of Local Lore as a part of their study activities within the topic “Ukraine and Ukrainians”. The museum guides provided the students with a historical-ethnographic tour focusing on the history of Sumy region from ancient to modern times.

Doctor of  Philology, Professor of the Department of Germanic Philology,  Svitlana Shvachko  and Candidate of  Philological Sciences, Professor of  the  Department of Germanic  Philology,  Iryna Kobyakova presented the results of their scientific research at the II International Scientific and Practical Conference "Philosophy of Language and New Trends in Translation Studies and Linguistics" which took place in the National Pedagogical Dragomanov University in Kyiv.

On the April 3rd by the initiative of the Department of Internationalization of Educational Activities (IEA) and with promotion of  Students’ club of linguistic and cultural studies “Travel Office” was organized an event for the faculties of IFSK and ELIT which was entitled "International mobility: how does it work?". The Interest was expressed both by students of these faculties and by lecturers of the Department of Germanic Philology: Olena Nazarenko, Svitlana Yermolenko, Antonina Chepeliuk, Anna Zinchenko, Iryna Ushchapovska and others.